Robert Stanton's Structuralism in Andrea Hirata's Novel the Dreamer and Paulo Coelho's Novel the Alchemist

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Syarifah Syarifah
Agussalim Agussalim
Anshari Anshari


This study aims to describe the comparison between the facts of the story based on the structural analysis of Robert Stanton in Andrea Hirata's novel Sang Pe dreamer and Paulo Coelho's Sang Alchemist novel. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. In collecting data, this research uses a documentation study method by using reading and note-taking techniques. The data obtained were analyzed using structuralism theory according to Robert Stanton's fictional theory, then concluded with a comparative literature approach. The results of this study indicate that there are differences and similarities in the facts of the story contained in Andrea Hirata's novel The Dreamer and Paulo Coelho's Sang Pe dreamer. The similarity is that the facts of the story contained in the two novels are equally related to reveal the same theme of the story. The difference between the two novels is the concept of characterization, plot, and setting. This difference is strongly influenced by the authors' backgrounds and very different cultures.


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Syarifah, S., Agussalim, A., & Anshari, A. (2022). Robert Stanton’s Structuralism in Andrea Hirata’s Novel the Dreamer and Paulo Coelho’s Novel the Alchemist . Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Educational Study, 3(3), 1-6.


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