Work pressures among teachers of learning disabilities in English language from their point of view

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Mohamad Ahmad Saleem Khasawneh Khasawneh


This study aimed at identifying the work pressures among teachers of learning disabilities in English language in Irbid governorate from their point of view. The total number of the study population was (60) male and female teachers, while the study sample included (30) male and female teachers. To collect the study information, the researcher developed a questionnaire to reveal the level of work stress among male and female teachers, and it included (40) items. The study found that there are pressures at work for teachers of LDs in English language. These pressures are the poor achievement of some students, large financial obligations for teachers, poor standards used to promote teachers, the large number of lessons taught by the teacher per week, daily planning, and overcrowding of students in class. The study recommended holding training courses for teachers in the private sector, similar to their colleagues in other sectors, to improve the educational process, and so that teachers can keep pace with the rapid scientific and technological development that the world is witnessing around them


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Khasawneh, M. A. S. K. (2021). Work pressures among teachers of learning disabilities in English language from their point of view. Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Educational Study, 2(2), 15-23.


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