Factors Related to the Development of Children's Motoric in Integrated Service Post

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Hasti Hasti


Motor development is a process of growing and development of motion ability of children's development conditions with the nerve and brain development of children so every simple movement is the results of complex interaction patterns of various and optimized particular systems. Motor development is connected with the growth process of motoric associated with knowledge, family income and attitudes of moms. The type of research used is observational research with the "cross sectional study" approach, to know the factors related to motor development of motorcycle of body in the integrated service post of Sawi Massamaturu village, popular district. Research results show that of the large 30 sample estimates, 14 children with normal motor development and 6 children that the motor development is disturbed. Conclusion in this research a significant relationship between knowledge, and attitude with the motoric development of family income not significant the development of children motoric


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Hasti , H. . (2020). Factors Related to the Development of Children’s Motoric in Integrated Service Post. Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, 1(1), 17-21. https://doi.org/10.47616/jamrmhss.v1i1.19


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