An Analysis of the Effects of Human Resources Management on Healthcare Innovation in Hospital: A Scoping Review

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Atikah Balqis Ferry
Indahwaty Sidin
Atjo Wahyu


In many health care systems around the world, increasing attention is focused on Human Resource Management (HRM). HRM is currently manifested as a key element of successful innovation because the human element is involved in the entire innovation process. Innovation is important in terms of public services, for example service innovation using information technology so as to increase efficiency and effectiveness in providing services. This study aims to analyze the effect of HRM on health service innovation in hospitals. This research method is a scoping review. The results of the research are from the literature search that discusses the effect of HRM on innovation in health services in hospitals. The types of innovations supported by HRM are HRM Practices, Knowledge Management, Humble Leadership, Green HRM, Crisis Management Theory, Clinical Directorates Model, and E-Medical services, E-Nursing services, and E-Adminstrative Services.


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Ferry, A. B., Sidin, I. ., & Wahyu, A. . (2021). An Analysis of the Effects of Human Resources Management on Healthcare Innovation in Hospital: A Scoping Review. Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, 2(2), 70-83.


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