Localization on the palmar face of the hand of a Darier-Ferrand dermatofiborosarcoma. About a case

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Razaka AI
Jean Baptiste Ramampisendrahova
Rohimpitiavana HAS
Razafimahandry HJC


Darier-Ferrand dermatofibrosarcoma is a rare but not exceptional malignant mesenchymal skin tumor, representing 0.1 % of malignant skin tumors. It is characterized by high recurrence, slow growth and low metastatic potential. Although several clinical cases of an unusual variant of Darier-Ferrand dermatofibrosarcoma have been reported in the literature, localization on the palmar face of the hand is not common. We report a case of Darier and Ferrand dermatofibrosarcoma at the level of the fourth commissure of the palm of the left hand in a 43- year-old young Malagasy adult treated by a large surgical excision with a healthy margin of two centimeters associated with adjuvant chemotherapy with Imatinib.


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AI, R. ., Ramampisendrahova, J. B., HAS, R. ., & HJC, R. . (2021). Localization on the palmar face of the hand of a Darier-Ferrand dermatofiborosarcoma. About a case. Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, 2(2), 65-69. https://doi.org/10.47616/jamrmhss.v2i2.114
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