Relationship on Nursing Performance of Patient Satisfaction in Installation of Hospital in General Hospital Deli Serdang Region

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Ruth Merry Simorangkir
Thomson Thomson
Anto. J. Hadi


Patients assess the efficiency of nursing care by the fulfillment of their desires. This thesis was to identify the correlation between nurses' inpatient service quality and patient satisfaction. quantitative and cross-sectional research This sample was made up of all patients admitted to the Deli Serdang Hospital, which indicates that about 320 patients were hospitalized for [for an average of] 3 days.5 days. as many as 77 human population samples of which were chosen to be included in the study All data derived from interviews and observations using a statistical model with a 5% significance level of probability, evaluated using the Multiple Linear Regression Approach The multiple logistic statistical evidence indicates that the influence of the vector service efficiency (p = 0.016) and connectivity (p = 0.016) is important (p = 0.043) on patient satisfaction. The level of contact has the biggest impact on patient satisfaction at The general ward in the Dedun restorative In-Patient Deli Serdang Hospital The results of this study are that service quality, connectivity, tempo, and capacity have an impact on customer satisfaction.


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Simorangkir, R. M. ., Thomson, T., & Hadi, A. J. . (2021). Relationship on Nursing Performance of Patient Satisfaction in Installation of Hospital in General Hospital Deli Serdang Region. Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, 2(2), 33-44.


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