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Qualitative and quantitative analyses screen the pivotal role of social cohesion in fostering resilience, with shared experiences throughout struggle rising as a unifying force. Recovery strategy effectiveness varies, emphasizing the want for culturally touchy and network-driven procedures. The findings contribute to a deeper information of network resilience, supplying actionable insights for policymakers and practitioners.</p> Rathana Thach Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study Sat, 30 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Community Resilience and Disaster Preparedness: A Social Analysis of Vulnerability and Coping Mechanisms in Indonesian Villages <p>This research delves into the complexities of network resilience and catastrophe preparedness in Indonesian villages thru a qualitative case observe method. The analysis exhibits several interconnected subject matters, including socio-monetary disparities, the efficacy of traditional practices, collaborative dynamics between formal and casual networks, the impact of schooling and focus, the function of social capital, gender-responsive techniques, cultural influences, communique challenges, and the empowerment of groups through education and authority’s support. These findings, aligned with global frameworks, emphasize the necessity of context-precise, inclusive, and holistic procedures to address vulnerabilities and enhance resilience. The observe advocates for included techniques that empower communities as lively retailers in constructing resilient societies.</p> Amina Nur Syahimin Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study Sat, 30 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Assessing the Impact of Gamification in STEM Education: A Case Study of Middle School Classrooms <div><span lang="EN-US">This </span></div> <p>has a look at investigates the impact of gamification on middle faculty STEM training, focusing on pupil motivation, engagement, and information of complex concepts. Employing a qualitative case look at method, statistics were gathered thru interviews and observations for the duration of an 8-week gamification intervention. The consequences reveal a massive growth in pupil motivation and engagement, as well as an improved information of complex STEM standards. Collaborative studying and crew dynamics additionally emerged as remarkable results. The findings propose that gamification, while thoughtfully integrated into the curriculum, can beautify each affective and cognitive dimensions of learning. Despite diagnosed challenges, the have a look at advocates for the tailor-made implementation of gamification in STEM schooling, emphasizing inclusivity and ongoing expert development for educators.</p> Khamla Vang Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study Sat, 30 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Quantifying the Inclusivity Quotient: An Examination of Perspectives in Social Journalism <p>This observe investigates the inclusivity quotient within social journalism, using a quantitative research design to investigate the presence and prominence of uncommon views in digital media content material. Utilizing a purposive sampling approach, three numerous social journalism outlets have been examined over a selected time frame. Descriptive facts revealed a steady 25% illustration of rare perspectives across outlets, with a nuanced analysis of the prominence of those perspectives via overall mentions and average mentions in line with article. Correlation analyses verified superb relationships among the quantity of articles and the visibility of views, emphasizing the interconnected nature of inclusivity variables. The findings spotlight the want for transparent editorial choices to ensure diverse voices aren't best gift but additionally prominent in the virtual narrative. The look at contributes to media diversity discourse with the aid of quantifying inclusivity and providing insights for both practitioners and students.</p> Nguyen Tien Manh Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study Sat, 30 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Rare Perspectives and Narratives in Social Journalism's Evolving Landscape <p>This take a look at investigates the evolving panorama of social journalism, focusing on the intentional integration and impact of rare perspectives within virtual media platforms. Employing a qualitative studies design, the take a look at makes use of content material evaluation, case studies, and interviews to discover styles, success elements, challenges, and audience responses in the illustration of various narratives. The findings monitor a developing consciousness and planned effort through positive systems to encompass tales from marginalized groups and alternative viewpoints. Success elements include a proactive approach to searching for precise narratives, collaborative partnerships, and the strategic use of era. Challenges encompass editorial biases, algorithmic constraints, and the chronic affect of mainstream narratives. Despite challenges, successful integration definitely influences audience engagement and belief, fostering a more informed and empathetic viewership. This research contributes to ongoing discussions at the transformative ability of social journalism in shaping a diverse and inclusive media landscape.</p> Kwan Hue Thuang Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study Sat, 30 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Pattern of Relations between Regional Government and DPRD in North Central Timor Regency in the Context of Decision Making <p>The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between the local government and the regional parliament in North Central Timor district by referring to decision making. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method. This research describes more about a phenomenon and does not perform calculations using statistical figures. The pattern of the relationship between the Regional Government and DPRD Wanni et al. (2010), is considered to have not been implemented optimally in the administration of governance in North Central Timor District. It needs to be strengthened by adding a new variant, namely shared perception and effective communication with the power of local wisdom/Customs which has a very large influence to break into formal government, especially resolving conflicts related to the pattern of relations between the Regional Government and the DPRD.</p> Bernardus Seran Kehik Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study Fri, 29 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Effectiveness of Major Assignment and Employee Function in Unitary and Political Agency of Poso Regency <p>The problems discussed in this research are the ineffectiveness of the implementation of the main tasks and functions of the National Unity and Politics Board which indicates the low quality of employees, the employment relationship which tends to be personal, the placement of employees who pay less attention to the skills and skills aspect, the division of work that is not specialized with good, and facilities and pre-facilities that have not been sufficient and not distributed in accordance with the needs of the work unit resulting in overlapping authority. this study aims to determine and analyze the effectiveness of the implementation of basic tasks and functions of employees at the National Unity and Politics of Poso district. This research uses descriptive qualitative method with unit of analysis of National Unity and Political of Poso Regency which use key informant counted 6 people. Steers revealed that there are three aspects in measuring the effectiveness of employees, namely Adaptation Capabilities / Adaptation, Job Performance, and Job Satisfaction. The results showed that the effectiveness of the implementation of the main tasks and functions of employees viewed from the aspects of Adaptability / Adaptability has been quite effective, while the aspect of Work Achievement has not been effective. Furthermore, on the aspect of Job Satisfaction is also not effective. Therefore, the authors suggest that the leaders make education and training programs for employees in improving their ability and the need to improve the level of discipline of employees in carrying out their main tasks and functions. In addition, the leadership should be more professional in working without discriminating subordinates in reward and punishment.</p> Dedy Herianto, Nasir, Agustan, Muhammad Imran, Suparman Mekka, Kahar Gani Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study Sun, 31 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700