The Effect of Married Age on the Health of Mother and Baby in Campalagian District

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Mega Septriani
Apik Indarty Moedjiono
Stang Stang


The determinants of child marriage are triggered by complex social, economic, cultural, political and legal disparities. This research method used a cross sectional study. The research sample was 192 women who were married in 2018-2019 in the Campalagian District. This study aims to determine the effect of the age of marriage on the health of ibn and infants in the District of Campalagian. Chi-square test was used to analyze data. The results of the bivariate analysis showed that the age of marriage had an effect on the health of the newborn (p value = 0.003). However, the age of marriage on maternal health during pregnancy, maternal health at delivery, use of contraceptive methods, service standards for birth weight, and support from husbands do not have a significant effect. After conducting bivariate analysis using moderator variables, the results showed that. There is an effect of the age of marriage based on the age of the husband (p value = 0.017) and the husband's education (p value = 0.024) on maternal health at delivery. There is an effect of the age at marriage based on the husband's age (p value = 0.023), the wife's education (p = 0.008), and the husband's education (p = 0.009), on the health of the newborn. It can be concluded that the age of marriage has an effect on the health of the mother and baby and/or if it includes the age and education factors of both the respondent and the partner.


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Septriani, M. ., Moedjiono, A. I. ., & Stang, S. (2021). The Effect of Married Age on the Health of Mother and Baby in Campalagian District. Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, 2(1), 35-41.


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