The Influence of Technology Acceptance Models, Social Factors and Purchase Intentions on Shopping Decisions on the Tokopedia Marketplace


  • Ratmono Ratmono Muhammadiyah Metro University, Metro Lampung Indonesia
  • Fitriani Fitriani Muhammadiyah Metro University, Metro Lampung Indonesia
  • Angga Kurniawan Muhammadiyah Metro University, Metro Lampung Indonesia



Technology, Social Factors, Intention, Shopping


This research aims to find out how the Technology Acceptance Model, Social Factors and Purchase Intentions influence shopping decisions on the Tokopedia Marketplace. Therefore, this research provides an explanation using TAM and TPB theories. This research is quantitative research and uses a purposive sampling method to determine a sample of 93 accounting respondents. Data were analyzed using SPSS to obtain the results of the given hypothesis (ANOVA). In this research, it was found that the technology acceptance model, social factors and purchase intentions had a positive influence on shopping decisions.


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Ratmono, R., Fitriani, F., & Kurniawan, A. (2023). The Influence of Technology Acceptance Models, Social Factors and Purchase Intentions on Shopping Decisions on the Tokopedia Marketplace. Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Economy and Management Study, 4(3), 9-18.