Development Strategy for the Tanjung Palette Tourism Area, Bone Regency


  • Indah Anugrah Supardi Makassar Tourism Polytechnic, Indonesia
  • Wahyu Nurdiansyah Nurdin College of Administrative Sciences, Makassar State Administration Institute, Indonesia, Indonesia



Development Strategy, Cultural Climate, SWOT


This study aims to discusses abpout the development strategy for the Tanjung Palette Tourism Area This study used a qualitative approach using the Kearns SWOT matrix. The result of the study The Tanjung Palette tourism area certainly has a very complex environment in it. Especially the cultural climate that local people with foreign cultures enter through foreign tourists. Therefore, environmental management, both physical and cultural, must be an important concern for all interested parties. Development of Tourist Market Share The development of tourist market share is an effort to identify the wants / needs of tourism consumers, determine the products offered, determine prices, promote, and research tourism market share.


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Supardi, I. A. ., & Nurdin, W. N. . (2020). Development Strategy for the Tanjung Palette Tourism Area, Bone Regency. Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, 1(2), 87-97.