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Against Blood Glucose Levels in Alloxan-Induced Male Mice <p>This research aims to test antidiabetic using alloxan induction on mice test animals. The type of research used is experimental, which includes sampling, sample determination. Extract preparation with ethyl acetate solvent, extract characteristics test and simplicia, extract and simplicia screening test. Antidiabetic testing was carried out using male mice as test animals. Screening tests for the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, steroids, and glycosides for the anti-diabetic test of Sungkai leaves were carried out using alloxan induction in mice. With initial KGD 90-120 mg/dl. Extract concentrations were 100 mg/kg, 200 mg/kg and 300 mg/kg with negative control CMC Na 0.5% and metformin positive control 65 mg/kg. The most effective decrease in mice blood glucose on days 3, 7, 10 and 14 was at an extract concentration of 300 mg/kg bw with a decrease of 114 mg/dl. Based on the results of the ANOVA statistic Fcount 208.813&gt; Ftable 2.87 so H0 is rejected, there is a significant decrease in blood sugar in mice. The results of the anti-diabetic test of the ethyl acetate extract of Sungkai leaves at a dose of 300 mg/kg body weight had an anti-diabetic effect on male mice after alloxan induced on the 14th day with an average of 114 being the most effective in reducing the male mice's KGD.</p> Jefri Naldi, Syamsul Darwin, Zulfikri Zulfikri Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study Wed, 14 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Identification of Hypertension Risk Factor at Tarowang Village, Takalar, Indonesia <p>The prevalence of hypertension is increasing in the world and in Indonesia. The disease, known as the silent disease, is experienced by many people, but diagnosed too late. As a result, the impact is much greater, namely death from heart disease and stroke. Lifestyle and food intake are modifiable risk factors for hypertension. In addition, gender, age, and genetic history are risk factors that cannot be changed, but by identifying them, it can increase awareness to avoid other risk factors. This study aimed to identify risk factors for hypertension in Tarowang Village. This research was conducted with a cross-sectional study design, total sample was 116 people chosen by purposive sampling method. Hypertension defined using JNC 7 category and measured by ABN Spectrum Aneroid Sphygmomanometer. The results of this study indicate that the prevalence of hypertension was 18.97%. Age and nutritional status have significant relationship with hypertension (0.004 and 0.021, respectively). The variable consumption of vegetables and fruits, although it did not show a significant relationship, the hypertension proportion was still higher in respondents who did not eat vegetables and fruit every day. Promoting healthy behavior was needed to prevent increasing hypertension prevalence. Implementation from nutrition guidelines such as maintaining weight, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption were important in Tarowang Village.</p> Nurzakiah Hasan, Handini Damayanti, Muhammad Fitrah, Putri Risya Azzahra Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study Wed, 21 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Relationship between Fever Level and Leukocyte Levels in Children with Typhoid Fever <p>Salmonella typhi spreads typhoid fever, a multisystem illness. The bacteria that cause typhoid fever may promote the generation of endotoxins that alter haematological assays, particularly those involving leukocytes. Exogenous pyrogens, such as bacteria or an immune reaction, produce fever. Pyogen may be an interleukin-1-like protein. This chemical may stimulate the hypothalamus to create more prostaglandin E2, causing fever. We also found lymphocytosis, monocytosis, eosinophilia, and thrombocytopenia. Endotoxin and endogenous mediators may reduce bone marrow, causing leucopenia. Recent research shows that the average leukocyte count is normal or slightly elevated, despite the idea that 25% of the population has leucopenia. This research examines whether fever and leukocyte counts are linked in hospitalized typhoid patients. This cross-sectional study was undertaken in the hospital's pediatrics and medical records departments. The sample included typhoid-hospitalized children. Forty persons were randomly recruited for this study. Chi-Square was used for univariate and multivariate analysis. (p = 0.816; OR = 1.181; 95% CI = 0.292-4.778). In typhoid-hospitalized youngsters, fever and leukocyte counts are unrelated.</p> Huỳnh Thanh Thu Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study Fri, 23 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Factors Related to the Event of Stunting in Toddlers Aged 24 – 59 Months in the Work Area of the Katobu Community Health Center, Muna Regency <p>One of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to end hunger and all types of malnutrition by 2030 and to ensure that everyone has access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food. Stunting, a developmental delay that often manifests itself in children older than 2 years old, is caused by persistent malnutrition throughout pregnancy and the first few years of life. In 2018, 27.7% of toddlers in Southeast Sulawesi were stunted, making it a significant public health issue. The goal of this study is to identify risk factors for stunting among children between the ages of 24- and 59-months old living in the catchment area of Katobu Health Center. Research method combining analytical observing with a case-control setup. Information collected via surveys, in-person interviews, the use of a height chart for children, and files from Katobu Health Center were analyzed. Birth weight and maternal upper arm circumference (LiLA) during pregnancy were not associated with a higher risk of stunting (each p value = 0.5). However, the odds ratio for stunting was significantly lower among children who were exclusively breastfed (p = 0.03). One of the ways to prevent children from becoming too short is to nurse them exclusively. Therefore, promoting advice on exclusive breastfeeding is important to improve toddlers' nutritional condition.</p> Sartina Sartina, Andi Sri Hastuti Handayani Usman, Nindy Elliana Benly, Fajar Kurniawan Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study Fri, 23 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Analysis of Job Satisfaction of Implementing Nurses on Work Productivity <p>Job satisfaction is a problem that is often faced by nurses working in health services. The causes of job satisfaction include rewards, competence, and work stress which will have an impact on work productivity. Analyzing the job satisfaction of implementing nurses on work productivity. Analytical descriptive research with a cross sectional approach. The sample of implementing nurses in the Inpatient Installation and Intensive Care Installation is 317 implementing nurses. There is a correlation between competence (r=0.260 p=0.001) work stress (r=0.394 p=0.001) job satisfaction (r=0.322 p=0.001) to work productivity in the Inpatient Installation room. There is a correlation between competency (r=0.573 p=0.001), work stress (r=0.522 p=0.00) job satisfaction (r=0.242 p=0.010) and marital status (r=-0.204 p=0.031) in the treatment room intensive. There is no relationship between reward, age, gender, education level, years of service, employment status on work productivity (p=&gt;0.005). There is a relationship between competence, work stress, job satisfaction and marital status on work productivity. There is no relationship between rewards, age, gender, education level, years of service, employment status and work productivity.</p> Jumrana Jumrana, Ariyanti Saleh, Kadek Ayu Erika Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study Tue, 27 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0700