Pedagogical Approach for Effective Teaching of English Language in Nigerian Secondary Schools

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Yemi Oparinde
Ogechi Emmanuel
Ogundele Michael Olarewaju


This paper examined the pedagogical approaches to the teacher  learning of English language in Nigerian secondary  schools. However, the paper identified the concepts and types of pedagogical approaches. The factors affecting pedagogical approach for effective teaching and learning of English language. It was therefore concluded that the most effective pedagogical approach for the teaching-learning process of English language is the use of child centredness approach, activity oriented prorgamme it was therefore recommended that teachers should be curriculum. It was noted that  effective use of pedagogical approach enhances effective teaching learning of English language especially in Nigerian secondary schools.


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Oparinde, Y. ., Emmanuel, O. . ., & Olarewaju, O. M. . (2020). Pedagogical Approach for Effective Teaching of English Language in Nigerian Secondary Schools. Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Educational Study, 1(2), 12-17.


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