Teacher Communication Strategy in Online Teaching

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Tang Kannareth


One of the answers to the challenges that now face the educational system is the rise of online instruction. On the other hand, instructing students online is not the same as instructing them in person. Teachers need to have an effective communication approach in order to connect with their pupils, which is necessary to guarantee that students fully comprehend the information that is presented to them. Utilizing a variety of different medium to convey the information being communicated is one of the communication tactics that may be employed. Examples of such media include videos, presentation slides, and other similar formats. The usage of online question and answer forums by teachers is another option for ensuring that students comprehend the content that is being delivered to them. Helping students who are having difficulty studying may also be accomplished by instructors via the use of direct connection with students, which can take the form of chat or video calls. Both their connection to the instructor and their grasp of the subject matter will be strengthened as a result of this activity for the students. Consequently, an efficient communication approach may be of assistance to instructors in effectively transmitting content to students and ensuring that students have a strong grasp of the content being taught, regardless of whether the instruction is provided in-person or through the internet.


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