Students’ Perceptions toward Bilingual Education at ICP Chemistry Education in Makassar


  • Sucitra Sucitra English Education Department, Post Graduate Program, State University of Makassar, Indonesia



Students’ Perceptions, Bilingual Education, International Class Program (ICP)


This study aims to find out: (1) students’ perceptions toward bilingual education in ICP (International Class Program) toward the use of two languages of instructions (English and Indonesian) by the lecturer in classroom. (2) to investigate its benefit for students in ICP chemistry education. The researcher adopted a descriptive qualitative research with a case study method. To gain the data, the researcher employed questionnaire with the students. the subjects in this study were 24 of students sixth semester belong to the International Class Program (ICP) chemistry education in State University of Makassar. The results of this study showed that there were the bilingual education helps the students to gain control their English skill. It showed that students’ positive perceptions toward the use of bilingual language as language instruction in the classroom by the lecturer. It is concluded that teaching chemistry in English facilitates the learners’ attempt in learning English.


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