Human Resource Management in Information Technology System-Based Public Services in Developing Regions of Southeast Asia


  • Rylee Wesley Henson College of Economics and Management, Philippines



HR, Service Efforts, Information Technology


This article aims to describe the problems and efforts in Human Resource Management in IT (Information technology) system-based public services in developing regions of Southeast Asia specifically in the regions of Vietnam, the Philippines and Cambodia. The method used is a literature review. The results obtained are Human resource management (HRM) in IT system-based public services in developing areas of Cambodia faces similar challenges as in the Philippines and Vietnam, such as a lack of skilled and trained personnel, limited resources and funding, and a lack of infrastructure and technology. Efforts to improve public services in Vietnam have been ongoing for several years, with a focus on modernizing the delivery of services and increasing access for citizens. Infrastructure and technology: The government of Cambodia has been investing in infrastructure and technology to improve the delivery of public services.


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