The Pandemic Era Digital Economy: Youth Challenges in Social Media Marketing


  • Sawika Kongying Business Administration, Siam University, Thailand
  • Sasalak Purisai Business Administration, Siam University, Thailand



Youth, Social Media Marketing, Pandemic


The field of finance, fintech, and even finance companies like insurers has become part of the world of the internet. Indeed, the digital economy has now entered the areas of shipping, banking, agriculture and urban planning. This is characterized by the usage of technologies and the internet for various uses, including digitalization, of culture. Hence the improvements in the organizational and even marketing processes to the customer element level and numerous transactional regulatory structures is important and common in industries. Youth are also facing challenges in social network marketing, including reliance on technological development, safety and privacy issues, balanced personalization and privacy, marketing transparency, uneven Internet infrastructure in ASEAN Countries, and tight competition. This is an important aspect of the youth's efforts.


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